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If you wish to take advantage of our free advice on development in the lower north shore area, please contact us on the numbers below.


Meetings can be arranged after normal business hours, to suit your work and family commitments.


We look forward to providing you with timely and professional services.


Richard Ferguson












Romeo Computer Aided Design Pty Ltd

ACN 144-883-072


Level 3

19-174 Willoughby Road

Crows Nest

NSW 2065


P: (02) 9437-6911

F: (02) 9437-6933

M: 0418-960-303




Building Design Services:
residential & commercial development applications
section 96 applications

subdivision & strata plans
survey plans

3D computer modelling

shadow plans

Engineering Services
structural designs and details
retaining walls

A/C & Fire Services:
HVAC residential & commercial air conditioning design
FIRE commercial fire protection drafting