Romeocad - Building Design Services


Romeocad employs a team of professionals to successfully complete the following types of projects:

  • knock-down and rebuilds

  • alterations and additions including first floor additions

  • internal layout alterations

  • garages, carports & decks

  • alterations to existing DA's; known by council as section 96

  • documentation and design to satisfy a construction certificate

  • floor plans

  • elevations and sections

  • shadows plans

  • statement of environmental effects

  • waste management plans

  • erosion and sediment control plans

  • 3d modelling and photo render montage's

  • strata plans

  • survey plans

  • sub-divisions

  • general drafting work

  • scanning paper plans to AutoCAD or PDF

  • printing AutoCAD plans in colour and black and white


Building Design Services:
residential & commercial development applications
section 96 applications

subdivision & strata plans
survey plans

3D computer modelling

shadow plans

Engineering Services
structural designs and details
retaining walls

A/C & Fire Services:
HVAC residential & commercial air conditioning design
FIRE commercial fire protection drafting